This gives a LONG list of his deep state supporters.    So much for the trust millions of frightened people had – and still have -in this Trump person!    He should be very very ashamed and embarrassed, but such people have no shame.    Having the vile Nitwityahoo into the  White House – for dinner too – should be enough to make anyone wake up, but they wont.

What is most frightening of all is that his rather strange daughter and her husband are,it seems, members of the MOST strange and fanatical and sinister Jewish cult.     Apart from anything else they may be engaged in, they are the biggest drug dealers out of Afghanistan and Pakistan – according to Wayne Madsen.       The “terrorists attacks” in Bombay a few years ago were all to do with these Lubavitcher drug merchants of death – the heroin trade is said to be dominated by them.

Herewith a free down loadable pdf of the GREAT book by Gerard Menuhin, the son of the great violinist Yehudi Menuhin,  “TELL the TRUTH and SHAME the DEVIL.”      It tell the truth about WW2 and those camps.

I have bought so far four copies to give away and I wish I could buy four hundred – or four thousand.     This is a very important book – it really could help stop the Jewish power at last.