Perhaps all this will prove to Trump that his real friends are the ordinary American working man and those Of the Swamp are vicious and really, really, really  hate him –

I have a lot more sympathy for him since I do not see his “peculiar daughter and weird son in law” in the White House lately.

Should they reappear I will be very worried indeed.     In the meantime I hope the American working man will let him know that they will support him so long as he keeps his promises them.

Yes!   It is anti- Gentilism which is the problem, not “anti-semitism” which is in any case a lie since the Jews who cry about this “anti-semitism” are not Semitic.   Look at Netanyahoo – he is a blond boy from Poland or somewhere in Eastern Europe and has NO Semitic blood at all, of any kind!

Thee are some Semitic Jews – they come from and always came from – Yemen.   They were not ever anything to do with Canaan let alone Palestine!

The Jews during Ben Gurian’s time (that was not his real name.  He was a Polish Jew.   The Jews like to pretend that they actually come from the ME and so they put that “Ben” in front of their names, copying the Middle practice of the Arabs who use “bin” .)

Anyway, apparently, according to this man Ben Gurion arranged the murder of President Kennedy because Kennedy wanted the nuclear arsenal at Dimona inspected.