It surely takes a long time to see Common Sense arrive when the Jews are involved!   How do they do it?    They shout loudest and longest through all the media that they own- and, being  without dignity or honour, being shameless, they keep up the pretence of being the poor helpless victim – while they are the most brutal of bullies the World has ever known – especially these Ashkenazi who originated from SE Russia or Mongolia – and it shows!

There is a country called   Birobidghan in SE Russia,    It is a Jewish country!       It is legally, in international  law a Jewish country!     It is about the same size as Switzerland with a modern city with rail and air links to Moscow and probably to Beijing too.    But, no – they must have what others have!      Poor Jews!    They are miserable people, with poverty stricken minds, never happy, never satisfied and ALWAYS wanting other’s property.       It makes them rapacious and wretched, but being materialists they are blind and terribly stupid.