They are quite mad – mad with envy actually.      The poor Jews always have to steal because they are materialists.   Judaism is a materialistic POLITICAL CULT.     They have nothing of their own and never have had it seems.      Being wanderers – trading with their donkey caravans throughout the World as it was five thousand years ago, they have never been settled anywhere long enough to create a real culture of their own.

Then again, since the “sinister Levites”   destroyed the Asherah (consort to Yahweh) and that they must not go to rivers and trees to worship but must bring their offerings to where the Levite “priests” were, and that they must not befriend their neighbours any longer – the Hebrews or Jews have been a captured tribe, held tightly by their “leaders”.

Watch the Youtube video called    “The Walls Come Tumblin’ Down.”     and read the great book by Israe Finkelstein called   “The Bible Unearthed.”

Then read   “Egypt Knew No Pharaohs or Israelites.”   by Ashraf Ezzat.

Then read    “Cruxification of Truth.”   by Tony Bushby.

After that read     “Christ in Egypt.”    by DM Murdock – and go from there!

It is all SO interesting.