But Trump, who is the servile servant of Netanyahoo, will do everything he can to stop it.      They want to destroy Syria, and as I see it, that is because they wanat to destroy or steal the HISTORY of what is left of The Cradle of Civilisation, having stolen everything from Iraq already.

What they want mos of all, far more important than the oil and all that, is to steal the history of civilisation.    They are trying to create a One World Religion so that they can subjugate all of mankind completely absolutely and totally.

For instance, all the World thinks that the so called “Hebrew Alphabet” is special and exclusive to the Jews, and sacred.       Actually it was stolen from Egypt!       It had nothing what so ever to do with the Hebrews or Jews!      It certainly was and is sacred – but it does NOT belong to the Hebrews or Jews and never ever did.


Only they are not “seeking Jewish antiquities! but SYRIAN antiquities!     I wonder about Putin.    IS HE Jewish?      Or is he also in their pocket, like the pathetic Trump?