The Martinez Perspective

Spencer-RussiaBy Brandon Martinez

Richard Spencer recently held a “free speech” rally to protest the violence of American leftists against right-wingers. He was himself sucker punched in the face by an Antifa terrorist. Spencer and others in the Alt-Right proclaim that they believe in an unfettered “freedom of speech.” But are they consistent?

When it comes to the sacred cow of Putin’s Russia, cucked rightists like Spencer say nothing about the dismal state of free speech in that country, which boasts laws that punish virtually anyone who disagrees with the Russian government on anything. Russia has “hate speech” laws in the form of “extremism” legislation that punishes expressions of ethnic separatism, nationalism, xenophobia, etc., but only for non-Russian ethnics that seek to secede from the Russian Federation. The law has been used against critics of the regime, including relatives of victims of the Beslan massacre for implying Putin was complicit in their…

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