Please God this does not happen – but “Israel” – the Jews, are intent on destroying Syria just as they did Iraq – they want to destroy all the history of the Fertile Crescent and The Cradle of Civilisation because they have stolen all their Old Testament stories from the Syrians and ancient Ur and all the cultures of the ancient World, especially Egypt.   The psalms are all Egyptian hymns!

For instance,  the story about Abraham in the Old Testament was actually a Syrian hero myth and the story they have in the OT about Moses is partly about Sargon the Great – who was put into a basket as a new born, because a tyrant was looking for him  the basket was sealed with pitch (it was always seeping up through the sand because of all the oil underground)  and the basket sailed down the river with the baby in it until it came to rest in the reeds at the bottom of the garden of the palace and the baby Sargon was rescued and brought up in the Place and he grew up to become Sargon the Great – the 1st.   And the rest of that story IS history – but there never was anyone called Moses.

The rest of the story they made up by stealing the story about Hammurabi who was inspired by “God” to inscribe The Law on to stone.     He did so and he had many such stones placed around the kingdom.

Jerusalem was never anything to do with any Jews or Hebrews and UNESCO last May finally made it clear that the Isralis have NO HISTORICAL CLAIM ON ANY PART OF JERUSALEM.


Watch the Youtube video   The Walls Come Tumblin’ Down, posted by Julian Schoeman and then read     The Bible Unearthed      by Israel Finkelstein.

Then read    Egypt Knew No Pharaohs or Israelites.     by Ashraf Ezzat.

Then read     Christ in Egypt.    by DM  Murdock.