Who really rules the World?    This makes it rather clear, and also shows how idiotic they are, and how self important!

Look for the Youtube video posted by Julian Schoeman, made by John McCarthy who was a hostage in BEirut for five long years of solitary confinement during which time he had nothing to do but read the Bible, given him by his guards.     He read it many times.  Some time after he was released he decided to go to “The Holy Land” to look into things for himself and there he spent many months visiting digs and talking to many and various archaeologists.

It is all very interesting – and these people who are so self important are just silly fools because hardly anything they like to believe is true.

There never was an “exodus”, nor any Moses or Solomon or David.

The Jews or Hebrews originated in Yemen and the southern part of what they call Saudi Arabia – it is really simply Arabia and nothing to do with the Saudi” royal” family.

Read    “Egypt Knew No Pharaohs or Israelites.”   by Ashraf Ezzat.