The Ugly Truth

After explaining when it is allowed to kill non-Jews in widely vilified ‘Torat Hamelech,’ rabbis Shapira and Elitzur are downplaying their second volume. They call it a theoretical work, but liberal rabbis fear it may serve as a call to arms.

Ed note–a few goodies worth noting here–

1. There is nothing ‘extremist’ about these rabbis or what they are advocating. They are accurately interpreting what is contained within Judaism and its religious texts, and note, they aren’t basing the thesis of their work upon the teachings of the Talmud, which many ‘experts’ within this movement claim is the sole scriptural basis upon which Judaism rests, but rather upon the Torah, otherwise known as the Old Testament.

Next, keep in mind as well that the very notion of ‘democracy’ (vis a vis Israel constantly hailing herself as ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’) flies in direct confrontation with Judaism’s…

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