The Jews always bring it on themselves – and one has to wonder why!  They do not seem at all intelligent to me, but incredibly stupid, incredibly self absorbed, incredibly blind, incredibly lacking in any kind of self reflection – and incredibly full of themselves withotu good reason!  Actually, they are eaten up with envy and a lack of real confidence otherwise they could not spend so much time and substance pretending to be superior!

Imagine thinking that Freud, Marx and Einstein were intelligent!    Eisnstein was a thief and plagiarist, Freud was a fraud if ever there was one – he believed and has caused utter destruction of our moral values in the West with his false teaching that sex is what matters most to humna beigs!    As for Marx – look at what he has caused.

None of those three were intelligent in any way useful to humanity or conducive to the uplifting and happiness and FREEDOM of mankind.