And they are not even Semitic!   How do they get away with it and for so long?   I think it is mainly because they are just good at money – and that money means everything to them.   They are simply materialists and have hardly any concern for Life after Death!    Or what is true and what is false!    They are not really sane at all.    The real, deep down problem of the Jews is simply that they are jealous, envious of others who are not limited by being materialistic.  They have hardly any idea of The Sacred, let alone nobility and honour.    And it all makes them intensely, though unconciously envious and angry.   They have nothing genuine in their history and they have nothing which is truly sacred – for instance, there never was a Temple in Jerusalem.  The ONLY Temple to be found anywhere is a DESCRIPTION of an EGYPTIAN Temple which is in the Old Testament.

For instance, the Jews have just been through their festival called “PURIM.”    when they celebrate a  Jewess supposedly seducing a Persian King called Ahaseurus – but there never was a Persian King called Aheseurus apparently.   Like their lies about Egypt and Babylon and the rest – it is all just made up stories.

For Heavebn’s sake – there never was a Jew called Jesus Christ!    IUSA the KRST was Egyptian mythology.