Typical!   They are taught from birth that all of mankind hates them – for no reason at all!

Poor,poor Jews.    What a wretched existence when the whole World despises you.     What is difficult to understand is why more of them do not question the whole business of being Jewish!      Why go through life being despised by about eight or nine billion people?     Or do they LIKE it that way, and if so, why!

I watched a talk by a Jewish professor of something or other – he looked like a perfectly respectable academic type – except for that absurd and silly little thing they put on their heads, about the “Lubavitcher Chabad Rebbe.”   He failed to mention that that is a very heavy crimina organisation which is now operating all over the World.   They are sinister people – but apparently more and more successful.   Very well organised.

They give me the creeps – but then so do all those black robed and hatted “rabbis.2    They are so weird, so peculiar – and now Amazon has banned all books which “deny the holocaust.”  !     And they wonder why they are disliked.     Not too bright.