It seems a good idea to look at the other point of view.    I hate it when people lump all Muslims and everything to do with Islam into one idiotic box called “bad”.     It is obviously silly – no matter how the terrorists are behaving now – or the migrants.

Besides, the terrorists are nearly all Wahhabis, as far as I can make out – and they are from “Saudi” Arabia (it is really just Arabia)  where the “royal” family are Jews, NOT Muslims at all – and their Wahhabi cult of sect is Judaism pretending to be Islamic!

No wonder the Jews refer to Gentiles as “goyim” – poor fools.   They fool us over and over and over again – and  it is time it stopped.

It is time it topped for everybody’s sake, especially the poor Jews who think they are so clever but are actually only deceitful, devious, without honour or even the knowledge of what honour is.    They are without dignity and this all comes from their inability to understand that materialism is a dead end – a DEAD end.

Imagine living without a sense of the sacred!

It is high time that we all realised that the Jews are not intelligent at all!   What kind of a fool thinks that Einstein was intelligent when he was just a thief of other people’s work?      Read the great book by Christopher Jon Bjerkness called    “Incorrigible Racist.” about Einstein. for more of Chris Bjerkness brilliant work.

Who thinks that the Jewish psychiatrist from Vienna was an honourable or wise man when

he thought – and he persuaded many others – that the deepest and most powerful expression of being human was the sexual urge!       Look where that has got us.    The whore who calls herself “Madonna” or the poor child who thinks – apparently – that sticking out her tongue in front of millions, in sexy!     As for “Lady Gaga”!     THIS is where that stupid old man Freud, that fraud, has led the Western World – destroying Western Civilisation.

As for Marx – look at what he has wrought!     Look at the “Left” in America today – that ghastly Cli9nton woman is someone to emulate?     The pedophiles and stupid depraved fools are intelligent?