Of course not – and it is Saudi Arabia sending their Wahhabi to be the variously named terrorists who also had to do with the monstrous crime on September 11th, 2001 – alongside the Mossad.     The Saudi”royal” family are Jews and their kind of Judaism is this weird Wahhabi cult which pretends to be Islamic.

Remember that the Young Turks of Turkey are Jews – and Attaturk was a Jew who was obliged to leave Spain;   Turkey gave him and his followers sanctuary on condition that they became Muslims – and they did, but not really, or at least, they retained their Jewish identity while adopting some Muslim and Sufi ways.

The misery and the destruction in the Middle East is caused by Jews and the Jews of the so called “Israel” are obviously working with the Saudi Jews to take over all of it – and the World.

No Jews in any numbers ever inhabited either Canaan, which became Palestine.   Not ever!    UNESCO has recently published the Resolution which makes it quite clear that the Jews now in “Israel” have NO HISTORICAL CLAIM ON ANY PART OF JERUSALEM>

Look for Ashraf Ezzat on WordPress and read the very, very interesting history concerning Jews.  The Semitic Jews originated in Yemen – and never ever lived in Egypt, and the these Jews who invaded Palestine such as Netanyahoo are not Semitic.

Furthermore they have a country of their own in the place from which they originated – in  South East Russia.    It is called Borobidjhan.    It is the same size as Switzerland but much more fertile.   It has a modern city called Birobidjhan with rail and air links to Moscow.