And Jared Kushner – who owns the building   666, Fifth Avenue. NY   is alowed in to the SECURITY BRIEFINGS  with the President elect!       He has access to all the most important secrets of America!      And he is Netanyahoo’s close friend – and he is a Lubavitcher.

The Lubavitche Sect or cult are the ones who persuaded George Herber Walker Bush to sign an exucutive order making the Noahide Laws American Law.

The Noahide Laws make if legal for Christians to be beheaded – and anyone who “worships idols”.   That would be Buddhists too.    I think the only ones left out would be the Muslims who also refuse to have any “idols”.

There are said to be trains in America, all painted white with UN written on the sides of the three floor trucks whihc are fitted with metal benches and ankle chain in the floor.

I have read somewhere that every few of these trucks or cabooses or whatever they are called,  there is a flat bed wagon and on that flat bed wagon they say that there are guillotines fitted.

I do not know whether this is true, of course, but I have many photographs of such long long trains.

Those “Noahide Laws” are truly sinister.