Ashraf Ezzat

“Violent and extreme as their culture was, the Jewish version of the ‘Yazidi Genesis’ has somehow created a Devil out of the ‘Peacock Angel’

Yazidis trapped by Islamic State fighters on Sinjar Mount (Northern Iraq) Yazidis trapped by Islamic State militants on Sinjar Mount (Northern Iraq)

By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Few, if hardly anyone, have ever heard of the Yazidis before they were recently targeted by the fighters of the Islamic state (IS). In August 2014, the world was horrified by the pictures of thousands of starving and dehydrated Yazidis besieged on the Sinjar Mountain after they were chased out of their native land in Northern Iraq. Since the savage onslaught of IS terrorists seemed unstoppable the Yazidis simply had to flee (yet again) for their lives. Watch video of a dramatic rescue mission of  desperate Yazidis on Sinjar Mount.

This is not the first time the Yazidis were targeted. Due to their esoteric practices, the Yazidis have been persecuted many…

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