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Depression, cynicism, passivity: a grand covert psyop

by Jon Rappoport

June 24, 2016

These are notes I made prior to authoring my collection, Power Outside The Matrix:

The feelings and states of mind in the headline above are people’s reactions to what’s going on in the world—but what’s going on in the world is being manipulated on a large scale. And one purpose of that manipulation is: producing those very feelings and states of mind—depression, cynicism, passivity.

This is amplified by the increased frequency of staged events; shootings, economic downturns, phony scare-tactic epidemics, absurd reversals of common-sense justice, and so on.

Psychological operations (psyops) are planned with the purpose of demoralizing populations. That’s the frequent goal. It’s intentional.

What’s at stake is the life-force of the individual.

If he keeps surrendering his own energy and space and passion and reason and imagination to these psyops, he falls into a…

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