The hacker self-identified as Guciffer 2.0 has created a WordPress blog site to use to disseminate materials he allegedly stole from the Democrat National Committee.

If you visit that site there’s a downloadable pdf covering 200 pages of DNC material on Donald Trump, which the Dems were going to use in the election. There’s also the DNC donor’s list, a sample of which is shown above.

The Smoking Gun has the story covered:

Among the stolen material, the hacker claimed, were “some secret documents from Hillary’s PC she worked with as the Secretary of State.” The material provided to TSG did not include these purported Hillary Clinton records.

The Trump report, dated December 19, 2015, is a comprehensive review of the presumptive Republican nominee’s business career, finances, and personal life.

The document opens with the assertion that, “One thing is clear about Donald Trump, there…

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