Justice for Germans

picGerman Soldiers

“Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS were great warriors!”

Old incorrigible Nazis, telling it to curious journalists somewhere in Bolivia, or rough skinheads, shouting these words during their meeting in а gloomy Berlin suburb? Wrong!

Three outstanding Russian writers, unanimously admiring the worst enemies of Communism! (Very serious intellectual crime all over ‘the civilized world’ today)

Speaks Daniil Granin (born in 1919), who spent 3 years in the blockading (by German and Finnish troops) Leningrad:

“The Germans fought better, much better than our soldiers. Moreover — we`ve managed to win that war only by human flesh!”

Boris Vasiljev was the Red Army battle officer during WW2:

“The Germans waged war perfectly. Even when they were encircled, they fought excellently! I know it. I saw it by myself!”

The author of several military and patriotic novels, Vasiljev tells:

“We`ve managed to win the war by chance, absolutely. Evald von Kleist simply decided to stop his tanks for several days just near Moscow. Therefore, the Soviets received some free time in order to transfer the fresh troops, which attacked…

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